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"Doing big things in small ways”

Barkslip's micro-nursery is proud to make available to the public for purchase, a selection of peculiar pears, antique apples and choice cherries. The trees I sell are grafted and grown without chemical herbicides or pesticides here in West Asheville at Green Hill Urban Farm off of Patton Ave. This year is featuring some long lost pear varieties. It is my mission to bring more fruit variety diversity to our area, as well as, to begin building resilience in our own agricultural inter-dependence infrastructure (ie. propagating our own plants.)

As such, many of the varieties have never been tried here and we are on a learning curve to see which will thrive in this area for future generations. So break new ground, and try a variety you've never heard of. The worst that can happen is you can keep grafting other varieties you havent heard of, on to it until your tree is loaded with 40 crazy varieties of pears! Just think you could have fresh pears from June until march from one tree! That would be 9 months of fruit from a single tree.

(This year's special- Buy 3 or more trees and get a free sumac Plant! and ... 5% discount for paid members of the Buncombe fruit nuts club)

?How do I get Trees?

“Dig Up Days”

Saturday, November 12th from 10:00-3:00.
For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Barkslip’ Micronursery, I am a bare rooted nursery. The trees don’t come in pots. You will come November 12th and we will dig up your prepaid ordered trees directly from the nursery. They will be wrapped up safely for the trip home,  but it is imperative that you plant them as soon as possible. 

Why November 12th?- By November 12th the young trees will have been sufficiently dormant to minimize the shock of transplanting. Like moving a baby when it’s a sleep. Fall is by far the best time of year to plant young trees as the tree roots continue to grow while the tree is dormant and by Spring when the leaves come out it will have a well established root system. This means that follow up watering during its first season will be far more minimal than a Spring planted tree. I recommend that the sooner you dig your holes and get your soil amendments in and mulched the better your tree will be received. The heavy mulch, which will be raked aside once the tree is planted, will keep the soil warm and encourage the trees Fall flush of root growth.

Here is a list of trees I have in stock and pricing.

Prices of trees will vary from $25.00- 40.00 depending on size and caliper of the tree.
It’s a first come first serve basis for ordering trees. So once you have decided on your trees then you want to send your check in as soon as possible to reserve those trees. I do welcome drop-ins during the sale, but you will not have as much choice by then.

Directions to Nursery: West Asheville- One block west of where Haywood Ave meets Patton Ave is the light at Deaverview Rd. Turn North on Deaverview and go one block and turn to your left on Green Hill Rd . Go a half a block and you'll see a white farm house on your right with a greenhouse behind the garage. Walk through the garage and look over to your left and that will be the nursery.

I also offer Fruit and nut consultations for the farm and urban setting. Influenced by Permaculture, these consultations will cover variety selection, care, pruning, and/or custom grafting. Please visit the Fruit school pages of this site for classes as well. Custom grafting can transform most ornamental fruit (ie Bradford pear, crab apple, flowering plum) into delicious fruit bearing trees. Plus they will remain attractive ornamentals. You can have your flower, and eat it too!

Useful Plants nursery graft
Speaking of grafting- Barkslip’s Micronusery and Useful Plants Nursery of Black Mountain has successfully grafted! Barkslip’s is now a local supplier of high quality organically grown trees for Useful Plants Nursery as part of their pledge to be growing 80% of the trees they sell in a couple of years. UPN is a high quality operation with a lot of integrity and purpose that I want to be associated with. Ultimately, It is my dream to create a local nursery grower’s coop supplying our region with well adapted plants grown in a way that enhances our environment and supplies opportunities for individuals to find meaningful employment.

Fruit Club- We have started a local fruit club in western North Carolina and welcome the entire World. It is an organization that pulls fruit enthusiasts together to share experience, coop bulk orders, service work, get together, field trips, and of course, fruit.
To get involved go to:
I am offering a 5% discount on trees this year to all paid BFN members so sign up- its free! Membership is 10.00 and can be sent to Asheville Greenworks. Please memo the check that it is for the fruit nuts.

For questions call me at 828 713 2424 or email
Send your check and order to:

Bill Whipple
70 Alabama Ave
Asheville, NC 28806